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Roles of Public and Private Security Personnel

Whether you spot the security guard in the supermarket, at the prominent person's wedding you attended, or merely the police, they all have similar roles they play to individuals and the public.  While some may seem less appreciated, it is essential to note that your well-being lies in their hands to keep off danger and illegal activities from reaching you. Therefore, it is essentially a great idea to appreciate any security personnel you see in their line of duty anytime, anywhere.  So, it is correct to state that the generally the role and functions of security is the protective, detective, and preventive, just as according to Understanding Security Services .  Read on.  Protective Role  Security personnel's primary role, which goes without saying, is to protect individuals, property, and exclusive data from both internal and external intimidations and violence. Police officers that play a significant role in law enforcement agencies work in collaboration with communities.  T