Parents can protect their children from cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is dangerous and we must stop it before it affects our children physically or mentall. It can have lasting effects on the victims, their families, friends, and the bullies themselves. But it happens.

It happens because parents are not doing enough to protect their kids. Unfortunately, children don't always tell their parents about what is happening with cyberbullying. Still, if parents know what to look for, they can watch for warning signs and identify when something is going wrong before it becomes a bigger problem.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is simple, it is harassment that occurs through networks. It can happen through social media, text messages, instant messaging, email, etc. Essentially, any time one person or group of people is verbally or emotionally abusing another person or group of people by sending hurtful messages through the internet.

Why would a child bully another child online?

Most common reasons why children bully:

- They like to manipulate and control others.

- They like to make others feel inferior..

- They want to fit in with their peers or with a group of friends.

- Some children cyberbully because they perceive that the victim is different and seems like an easy target.

Why is cyberbullying a problem?

Online bullying is a serious problem. Cyberbullying, in particular, is difficult to stop. Networks have too much influence and the power to transmit and reach more people. As a result, people have the power to hurt others without giving them a chance to defend themselves or feel safe.

Parents need to be vigilant about cyberbullying

Parents should raise awareness in their children and help them understand. Make sure your child knows what cyberbullying is, and let them know how they should respond if they are being bullied through the internet. In addition, teach them the importance of privacy—and that you will respect their privacy as a parent.

It is important to monitor your children's online activity, even when they are already teenagers. Sign in to their accounts to see who they're chatting and messaging, or create a trust link so your kids can share their networks with you. This will help keep an eye out for any signs of cyberbullying before it becomes a bigger problem.

Additionally, suppose your child is being bullied. In that case, you should contact the bully's parents immediately to address the behavior at home and talk about the safe use of technology and social media sites.


Cyberbullying is a serious issue for many children and parents, but it can be prevented.

Parents can create an open dialogue to teach their children about the consequences of online bullying, encourage them to report cyberbullying, and make sure they are using appropriate apps or sites.

Parents need to know how to use the internet responsibly in their children's presence and be aware of what is happening online.

Parents can protect their children by teaching them about the consequences of cyberbullying, encouraging them to report cyberbullying, and making sure they are using appropriate apps or sites.


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